Tax Deed Quiet Title Litigation

Hicks | Whiteside has been a leader in representing investors seeking to quiet title after acquiring a property by tax deed.

For tax deed purchasers, a quiet title action is the best, and generally quickest, way to obtain marketable, insurable title in order for you to sell the property or obtain title insurance for yourself. When you purchase a tax deed, the title is not immediately insurable and is not marketable. A quiet title action cuts off any redemption periods and removes potential claims of lien. Once we complete the quiet title action and the 30-day appeal period expires, you can sell your property and offer marketable, insurable title to the purchaser.

We understand that timing is everything to our tax deed investors, and we are dedicated to moving your case through the courts as quickly as possible.

Our office has been at the forefront of tax deed litigation for years and, in 2013, the firm scored a huge victory for tax deed investors by successfully arguing to Florida’s Second District Court of Appeal that tax deeds extinguish homeowners’ association liens for assessments and dues accrued prior to issuance of a tax deed in the case of Cricket Properties v. Nassau Point, 124 So. 3d 302 (Fla. 2d DCA 2013). The decision in Cricket Properties was the first of its kind and has been consistently followed by other courts.

If you are new to tax deed purchases, we have the knowledge and resources to help you grow your tax deed investments and we can help you formulate strategies for success.

We also do general quiet title litigation to quiet title to property that is in dispute or which has an encumbrance on title.

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