2014 at Hicks | Knight: Success, a Tragic Loss, and Resilience

At Hicks | Knight, 2014 was a year of triumph, loss, and resilience.

2014 began as a year of promise.  Fresh off Henry W. Hicks and Adam J. Knight’s late 2013 appeal victory and watershed decision in Cricket Properties v. Nassau Pointe, we looked forward to another great year of success at Hicks | Knight.

As we hoped, the year began with great promise.  In March 2014, Hicks | Knight obtained a major victory for foreclosure defendants in the case of Samaroo v. Wells Fargo Bank, 137 So.3d 1127 (Fla. 5th DCA 2014), where Adam J. Knight successfully argued to the Fifth District Court of Appeal that a bank’s Paragraph 22 notice of default failed to comply with the terms of the mortgage by failing to advise the Samaroos of their right to reinstate the loan after acceleration.   Samaroo was a seminal case addressing Paragraph 22 compliance and, for the first time in Florida, Hicks | Knight obtained an appeal court decision expressly rejecting a lender’s argument that substantial compliance with Paragraph 22 was sufficient under the terms of the mortgage.

However, our joy of helping the Samaroos was to be darkened by a tragic loss.  On April 26, 2014, our friend, colleague, and mentor Henry W. Hicks  died in a tragic accident.  For over 30 years, Henry served clients with dedication and perseverance.  Henry was a tenacious, confident, and brilliant legal strategist with a knack for always finding the solution to any problem presented to him.

To honor Henry, we continued his legacy of serving clients and, on September 15, 2014, Adam J. Knight purchased the firm from Henry’s estate to become the owner and managing partner at Hicks | Knight.  Through the absolute dedication of every team member at Hicks | Knight, we continued to serve our clients.  Through our client’s dedication to us and our work, we survived.

In late 2014, Hicks | Knight obtained a series of foreclosure trial wins on behalf of borrowers.  In October and November, we obtained voluntary dismissals the day of trial in cases in Pasco and Hillsborough counties.  In December, Hicks | Knight represented clients at two foreclosure trial that were each dismissed mid-trial after the bank’s failure to admit key pieces of evidence.  You can read more about our December trial victories here and here.

In short, 2014 was a year of the unexpected and a year that brought out the best in everyone at Hicks | Knight.  Despite obstacles, we continued our years of client service and expect to continue serving clients, old and new, for years to come.